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    OK when my family's last service plan ran out with Sprint last December my parents surprised me by adding a line and giving me a phone. I'm not to found of the phone itself though. They said I could get a different phone but not untill our service plan ran out so we can get that $150 off thing when you start a service plan. Now if I went to Sprint with this new phone I bought say on eBay and it was Sprint compatable couldthey just transfer my line onto that phone?
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    I don't know about your company, but w/verizon, you can buy a phone anywhere. I have my account online. There is a place you can go on their website, on your account and just change the phone over yourself. Inside the back, under battery there are #'s that they will ask you for. You type in the #'s of your new phone and your all set. Again, I don't know about your company. Also, what I've always wondered, is if you buy a phone from ebay and then say 6 months from now you are having problems w/it, will verizon (or whatever co.you belong to) service the phone? I imagine they won't. Also if there IS something wrong w/the phone, I'm sure your company will not give you a new one like they would if you had bought it from them. Just a thought.

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