Something's been on my mind lately. Ive read in the local News that allegedly, if you buy an unlocked GSM phone that they dont cell here (like from you can use it in the States.

Apparenly, the trick is the phone you buy has to be unlocked, the phone you currently have has to be GSM and has a sim card, has to match the frequency or whatever (900 etc). You switch your american sim card into the, lets say, euro phone, and it will work.

Thing is, I have no idea if this will work or not. And the unlocked phones are high in price because they're not from certain providers. Has anyone done this or knows the correct way to do so? Or is this basically a bunch of crap?

I have an acquaintance who recently visited the Philippines and bought a Black Motorola Razor, popped in her Tmobile american sim card, and she says it worked like a charm. However I dont know her that well and dont know how credible this info is. Sorry if this issue has come up already, I did a search and couldnt come up with anything. Thanks in advance.

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