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    Hi...can someone help me? Two weeks ago I bought opened 2 Verizon lines at a cell phone store. The deal was 2 LG VX6100 for $25 after "store rebate", however they charged me $150 up front. They told me they will give me 1 VX6100 and a temporary cheap motorola phone for now and the other VX6100 will be arrive in the mail. They said when I receive the "free" phone, bring it to them and they will activate it and then I need to return the motorola phone for my $125 "rebate". So..a week later when my free phone arrived, it was actually a refurbished phone from Lockline, the insurance for my phone. Furiously, I called Lockline and they said a claim was submitted the day before due to the water damage on my phone and what I receive was a replacement! Correct me if I'm wrong but this sounds like insurance fraud and comspiracy! I never authorized the store to put in any claim and they did it without my consent! Please someone tell me what I should do. I want to cancel both accounts and never do business with them. And becuase of them, our premiums and deductibles are going up because of all these fraudulent claims. I am sure I am one of the many victims...HELP!!!

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    Sounds like your right... id say to call your local police department to file charges against the company that you bought the phone from, or at least raise hell with them first

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