I am new to the forum and have a few questions. My wife and I have verizon and our contract just terminated. What is the best provider in Austin, Texas? We travel all over the state and need to have coverage. Sprint has appealing plans, especially since they offer a 7:00 pm start time for $5.00 dollars. In addition, Sprint will automatically charge your account $5.00 for an additional 100 minutes if you go over you anytime minutes. This is appealing to us since we have gone over our minutes with verizon and they make us pay through the nose. Is Sprint reliabe in Texas? If not, what other plans would anyone recommend. We are members of Costco and they seem to have a good deal. They will pay for you activation fees and give you a lifetime warranty on the phone for free. Further, Costco will give you three accessories (hands free, car charger, and case cover). I am not making a pitch for Sprint or Costco but this seems to be one of the best deals I have found. Our Verizon service has been good but the 9:00 pm start time is really difficult since we make most of our calls to Eastern Standard timezones. Are they planning on changing this anytime soon? At any rate, thank you for you response.


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