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    Hello there!
    let me plead my case ><;

    Im currently a foreign exchange student in Japan and have the opportunity to purchase a cell phone with a contract. Yes i can get a contract due to having an alien registration card and such. However i am looking for a phone that would work in Canada when i get back. Id rather buy a phone i can use in both places (makes sense no?) But i have no idea which phones would be in working order in Canada...

    i have been looking at Vodafone etc. Any tips from anyone that can help?
    If you need more info just say so and ill get it for you.

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    try to get nokia 6630 gsm (global for system mobile) and wcdma (wideband code division mutiple access) this phone work in canada gsm and japan wcdma. they around $300 but worth it if you want to use it in japan. but if you want the best one try nokia n90 they around $1000 and very awesome phone.

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