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    Ive been looking for information on Net10 pay as you go plan reviews but I can not find anything. Ive narrowed my search for a pay as you go plan to Tracfone or Net10. I live in Western Pa, 20min from the Ohio line.

    I wanted to get T-Mobile but they dont have the lines that Tracfone has. Tracfone has crappy phones for my area, and my area isnt up to speed with the rest of the world. So Ive been headed towards Trac but then I saw NET10 but I cant find any reviews on them at all, especially in my area.

    I would appreciate a link or any information anyone has.

    Thanks. Mac

    See More: Net 10

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    East TN

    I am trying to see if net 10 is really 10 cets with no catches..if u find out email me at [email protected]

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