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    Hi all

    I'm seriously thinking of buying the above mobile from India but I've been informed that the phone is CDMA dual band so it will not work in UK where I live. My question is can the phone be converted to WCDMA or any [GSM]UK band?

    As I'm disabled a wrist phone is ideal for me. This also has detachable camera, memo, voice record, speaker, finger ring micro speaker so is multi-function useful to me. It will be mainly used as a panic / distress phone for times of emergency [unable physically reach or find a handset] as I live on my own. I loose handsets often so a permanent wrist unit seems a solution.

    I was thinking if this phone was sold in a country that used WCDMA [like UK] I could buy it unlocked from someone in that country or send it [the unit from India] to that WCDMA region to get it's guts converted in that other WCDMA country, is this possible?This phone is rare so thats why I'm going to all this trouble. It also goes without saying that if anyone knows of or is selling this phone 1150 WCDMA enabled I would like to talk to them.

    If any of the above is not possible with the Telson 1150 I have a PDA and micro Sony Vaio window XP handtop computers that both take compact flash card accessories.

    What GSM CF card would you recommend to compete with Nokia 9210i for the mobile FAX functionality?

    Hoping you guyz 'n' galz can point me in the right direction - Thankz in advance!

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    Re: Wrist Watch Phone Telson 1150 HELP !!

    watch phone is not the new technology now,too many models ..

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