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    I bought an unlocked phone from a reputable on-line dealer...I should be getting today or tomorrow and am hoping that my SIM is not damaged although it looked OK and water did not seem to get into it. Thanks for you responses.

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    let us know how it turns out. and then post who you bought it from.

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    also if you're looking for a cheap alternative, cingular go phones will work if you transfer in your current sim card. at least that's the impression i'm under. and they're brand new phones for low $.


    Buyer Beware.....read the fine print first....If you are actually going to go with a prepaid account, should you need to process a warranty exchange via cingular xbm, you will need to have a valid credit card. However, if you are a contract or out of contract customer who receives a regular monthly bill, than yes go phones are a rather inexpensive way to replace your OOW phone.

    (ps, currently the OOW proccessing fee to replace the z500a is $150.00 and will come with a new 12 month warranty.

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