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    I just have two quick questions. I'm not new to owning a cell phone, but I don't know much about them. I have an Audiovox COM8900 phone through US Cellular. My friend has Edge Wireless and a Nokia 5140. He switched providers and still has insurance and said if I gave him the $25 he would get me a new Nokia 5140. So my first question is will the 5140 be able to work with my US Cellular account? Next, I've heard a little bit about unlocking phones with a code or something so that they will work with all providers, is this true?

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    what provider did you friend have. if it is cingular, att, or tmobile (all gsm) you are out of luck. if he is us cellular, you might not have a problem.

    i'm not too down with the cdma carriers (like us cell), so maybe after you find out his carrier, post it in the us cellular section.

    good luck

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