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    I am looking for the most expensive mobile phone, PDA/Pocket PC/Palm, and MVNO that are currently available for retail in the market.

    I do not want devices that are very expensive because of their materials, jewels, or any embellishments, such as Vertus, Mobiados, Peter Aloisson's, etc. I want devices that are very expensive due to their features.

    For example, the most expensive sensible phone I could find was the Nokia N90, at $900, which is pricy due to its 4GB capacity and music-playing features. The most expensive MVNO I have found so far is Voce, from Faith Inc., which has a $1500 sign-up fee and $500 monthly fee, in exchange for unlimited calls and data transfer, as well as a new phone every four months.

    I want this list of expensive devices for my own personal reference. Please do take the time to do research on this topic for me. Thank you very much in advance for your time, support, and cooperation.

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    i find this price thru www.samstores.com
    SAMSUNG SGH 1700 $685
    NOKIA 8800 $995
    QTEC 9090 PDA $795
    SONY ERICSSON W900 $995
    02 XDA LLS 2S $920
    02 XDA LLS 21 $945
    HP IPAQ HW 6515 $795

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