(And the idiot is me!)

Help me choose my new cell phone!

I've been a Cingular customer for a couple of years. I'm eligible for
a "free" upgrade. I've fulfilled my contract with Cingular and feel no
particular loyalty to them.

I don't have many choices, as far as carriers go: AFAIK, the only
carriers who offer service where I live (zip code 41143, Grayson,
Kentucky) are Cingular, Nextel, and Alltel--no Sprint, no Verizon.

I've upgraded to an Audiovox SMT 5600 smartphone. It does all the
things I want (see the list below), but a. it's still going to cost me
money, and b. it's got a lot more stuff than I think I need on it. I
have 30 days and counting to change my mind and get something else.

In descending priority, here's what I want a phone to do/have:

1. WORK! Be reliable, durable, etc.

2. Synch with Outlook on my computer. My priority is contacts and
calendar. It'd be nice to be able to read email, too, but my Tungsten
T-3 handles that just fine. (Does a phone HAVE TO BE a "smart phone"
to synch with Outlook?)

3. Speaker phone.

4. Be free with new activation or Cingular upgrade.

5. Bluetooth (the T-3).

6. .mp3 player.

Does anyone know phones that fit the above description?

Is there a search engine somewhere that lets me compare these features?

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance.


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