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    hey guys. ok i just need a cell phone fanatic or someone who works for one to confirm to me a bit of info. my friend sent me an email and told me her cell phone for outgoing calls is disconnected because she missed payment for her bill. and she said the next time she picks up an incoming call the line will be deactived.
    ok i have a phone with her (were under one plan, different number). she pays for it because i pick up the tab for cable/internet. the thing is my phone still works but she said her outgoing isnt working and if she picks up the next incoming call, it will be deactived...i cant call nextel and get info because im not the account holder so i was wondering if she is lying or can her phone be disconnected and yet mine is still working if she missed payment...just wondering if its true or not...thanks.

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    The balance on the account is the whole account balance, not just one phone line. She can't really just pay for yours and not hers, so if hers is suspended due to non-payment, then so would yours.

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