My son bought a data cable without software CD for his Sagem myC4-2 and I need help.

The installation instructions given are:

"Connect the cable without the phone attached. When the hardware wizard appears, Click: "No, not this time", for the search online for driver update. "Click next."

When I follow all the instructions with the phone connected or disconnected the "Found New Hardware" Wizard states that the installation has failed as it can't find the software....

I downloaded two things and they are in a folder on my desktop:

1) MPAS_7_12 (My Pictures And Sounds)
2) USB to Serial Driver folder

I am pointing the Found New Hardware to the driver folder on my desktop. It just tells me it couldn't install due to not being able to find the Software. Do I even have the right cable???

USB Cable Model: KQ-U8A, No: WT048000317

Can anyone verify this is the correct cable for a myC4-2 Sagem, or bring any sanity to the situation as I've got nowhere so far on the other forums?

I went to a phonezone in town and they plugged a data cable in and went on the internet and PlanetSagem website said the phone was not compatible????

I've tried everything I can within my limited capacity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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