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    Last week my mother decided to put my NEC 535m into the washing machine, and drowned to death. Out of guilt my mom ran to the nearest t-mobile store and bought the first [and olny] phone they sold that had all the features of the 535m (aka a megeapixel camera), the Samsung T809 - after extending her contract two years, it still cost more than twice what i paid for the 535M.

    Although the T809 looked really cool with its sliding back and forth, the more i used it the more i disliked it. The screen is big, but so is everything it displays, the fonts and all the icons are huge, to do anything whatsoever you have to move through a bunch of pages (ex. the phobook displays olny three entries per screen) , along with being anyoed with that i also began to remeber how the 535m haveing way to many buttons made life so much easier - when you text message on the 535m everything was right in front you of- no need to dig into menus to change modes, no need to hope the next T9 choice was the one you wanted....

    Eventhough everyone around me thought this T809 was the best thing they had seen, and my old 535m was the bulkest thing they had seen in years, i really dislike the new one.

    The bottom line is now i have +/- $250 to spend on a new phone- use it or lose it. My major things are have a high quality camera, being able to use t-mobile, and being able to text mesage esaily. What phones will staify my needs, budget, and have the versatitly of the 533m?

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    For a while thought of a just getting a sidekick II (i figuered that taking into account the 15 i'm already paying for text messaging, a sidekick would olny cost me 5 dollars a month), in reality how is its camera compared to other "megapixel" cameras?

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