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    Hey guys,

    I work for Sprint and we have a referral program going on until 1/1/06 and I am offering it to you. I already posted this in the Sprnt PCS section, but I thought I'd repost here for more exposure. Here's what it is:

    3 plan options:
    1. 500 anytime minutes for $30
    2. 1250 minutes for $50
    3. 2500 minutes for $100
    All plans include:-Unlimited nights/weekends
    -Unlimited Vision (data/web access)
    -Unlimited Picture/Video mail
    -Unlimited PCS-to-PCS
    -Unlimited email/IM

    You can choose from most of our phones, including A900 (Blade)/A940 - Power Vision phones.

    These are pretty good prices compared to our regular plans.

    Check out the Sprint SERO page for full info and to sign up

    You will need my Sprint employee email address to sign up: [email protected]

    This is offer is valid for new accounts only. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]

    You can get proof that this offer is legit and works at the SprintPCS section of these forums - there are a few posts from people who already signed up and got their phones.

    You might wonder what I get out of you signing up... Sprint is offering a $150 gift certificate to whoever gets 5 people signed up on the offer; plus, an entry into a drawing for a Samsung A920/A900. I already had a couple people sign up at CellphoneForums.net. So if you sign up, i will really appreciate it. Plus you win too by getting these discounted rates.

    See More: GREAT DEAL: Sprint Employee Referral Offer for YOU
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