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    Hi, I am new to the site. If anyone would be willing to get on AIM or something and have a chat with me that would be great. I have some questions about unlocked phones. I use US Cellular, and was wondering whether an unlocked phone would work with it since its cdma. Also, when a phone is advertised as "unlocked" does that mean it needs a specific SIM card? Thanks for the help.


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    cdma phone no sim card.
    gsm phone use sim card.
    i don't think it gonna work.
    most seller off ebay, once they advertised there phone as UNLOCKED the phone is gsm.
    unlock phone allowed you to use sim from fido,roger,microcell. if you visit u.s just by the prepaid sim like t-mobile, at&t, cingular. you can use all the sim in the world in one unlock phone.

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