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    I recently washed my Nokia 3585i cell phone and so far I can't get it working again. I am hoping that someone out there might be able to tell me what my options are. I would really like to get this phone working again, but I am not sure that is possible. The other thing that I was thinking about doing is buying a phone off of Ebay and then having it programmed with my information. My cell phone provider is Cal North Cellular and I have noticed on Ebay that most of the phones are provider specific so I am also wondering if I can reprogram the cell phone from a different provider to my provider? Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Washed Cell Phone and Buying on Ebay.

    Stay away from ebay phones I learned the hard way. I bought a phone on ebay, called to activate it and they told me it was the retailers display phone. They asked where I bought it and when I told them (nextel) they said it happens all the time

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    Re: Washed Cell Phone and Buying on Ebay.

    Hi rich, did you notice the date on this thread is about 3 months old? If nobody has replied by now, the OP probably got their answer elsewhere and it serves little purpose to post in such an old thread.

    Furthermore, as far as buying phones on eBay is concerned, there are a few dishonest sellers out there but if you know how to bid on a phone auction, you should have no concerns at all. Step One, check the seller's feedback. Is there anything there that raises your eyebrow? Step Two, contact the seller, ask them for the ESN number and verify with them the phone is either unlocked or that it will work with your provider. Step Three, call your provider, give them the ESN number and ask them if this phone is cleared for activation. If all goes well with the first three steps, you are most likely going to be fine.

    Further eBay advice: always use Paypal to pay, if the item is worth $$$ purchase buyer protection! IF you get the phone and it's a different ESN and won't work for you, that's when you contact the seller and/or eBay about getting a refund! I've bought numerous phones on eBay, no problems ever!

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    Re: Washed Cell Phone and Buying on Ebay.

    Thanks Brad Your Post Help Me Out Greatly I Had No Idea To Check The Esn Numers When You Go To Buy A Phone Like That Off Ebay

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