I recently activited the GPS tracking feature on my Verizon VX6000, following the instructions posted in this forum.

I changed the number to 923 (from the 922 originally installed) Now I get the lat/lon in the service menu. When I dial 923, I get a message "connecting to GPS one"
and after a while, a sports call-in radio show (I think out of detroit) starts playing. Not sure if it is a webcast/conference call/XM station, but since they were talking about how much to bet and the under/overs - don't think it was commercial AM/FM - never heard any call letters.

Can anyone tell me what in the sweet dickens is going on?

911 - emergency
922 - GPS
923 - emergency sports
999 - dial-a-preist?

PS I am in the San Jose, CA area, and my phone is acting strange in general.

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