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    Guys, I currently have my service with Alltel in West Texas. I get into some pretty remote areas around here where the signal gets very weak or non-existent. I've noticed my father-in-law's Nokia 6255 (he's with Alltel too) gets better reception in most places than my old Audiovox 9155. This started me wondering if anyone knew which phone (Alltel compatible) is the best for handling weak signals out in the middle of nowhere.

    Any suggestions...and where can I get the best deal on one?

    Thanks in advance for any advice ya'll could give.

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    I've heard that Motorola phones are terrific at getting/holding a signal.... but I can only prove it against my Mom's Samsung. I have the e815

    if you're using it mostly in your car/home/office then an antenna setup from www.wilsoncellular.com might even help the old audiovox

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