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    Looking For A phone with a good camera. What is the best on the market?
    My carrier will either be sprint, cigular or verizion. Any sites have samples to look at?

    EDIT: opinons on carriers would be helpful too! Got sprint now, contract ends in 2 weeks!

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    Well, the best quality camera phone you can get in my store is just the 1.3 MP (megapixle) which is decent but still looks like you took the picture with a phone. If you can find a 2.0 megapixle or higher, you're laughin.

    As far as your service provider question is concerned: I live in a different country and don't know jack about anything about those ones listed.
    Thank you very much sir....As my thanks...A Twoonie...

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    There are 2 Sprint models currently sporting a 2MP camera, the MM-A940 even has 2x OPTICAL zoom. The other 2MP Sprint phone is the MM-A800. One is a slider and the other is a flip, the A800 has analog mode, you can use www.phonescoop.com to find out all kinds of stuff. You can use the Phone Finder tool to specify which features you require, then pick out a handful of models and compare them side-by-side with phonescoop's comparison tool.

    Hope this helps you find what you're looking for. As far as carrier, it depends where you are and where you travel. Do you stay in the city, do you travel rural areas? Do you ever leave the country? I answered this all in a thread earlier, somewhere in Today's Posts. http://cellphoneforums.net/t207484.html

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