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    I've got Cingular for the next two years, Just switched from AT&T. Picked the Nokia 6102 and it is junk, So I'm off to the Cingular to trade it for something else. So what"s better Motorola RAZR V3, Sony Ericsson Z520a, or ? Reception is the most important thing to me (live in the country). A camera for sure too. The other things are a bonus.

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    I was looking at these and 3 other phones on Cingular.com, then I compared them at phonescoop.com. I think I would probably pick the SLVR or the W600i over the two you're looking at, based on features. The only thing in my opinion that the SLVR has over the W600i is removable flash memory (and ringer profiles), but the W600i is loaded with features. Compare 5 phones here

    As far as reception, you'd have to talk to people that have these phones, I can't help you with that. Just make sure you don't hold your phone with your hand over the area of the internal antenna, that will interfere with your signal. Remember also that you're not limited to Cingular phones, you can put your SIM card into any unlocked phone. Just remember some of the features will not work until you configure them, I can give you a link for that, too. Make sure whatever phone you choose has the 850mhz and 1900mhz bands. Cingular Configurator
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