The 2 cell phones that I have had, had a pretty simple phonebook manager.

They allow up to 32 symbols entries where the symbols are digits, wait or
pause. Recently a friend of mine showed me a Sony Ericson phone with
graphic interface that allows after a entry from the phonebook is processed
to go in graphic mode and continue with another entry from the phonebook.
This is very convinient feature in number of cases as for connecting to utility,
cable or phone customer service or dialing international number using phone
card , i.e. dialing local number + pin + <another entry from phonebook>.

My questions are:
1. What is the name of this feature if there is one?
2. Which phones have it?
3. How could I check for the size of the phonebook entry in a given cell
4. How could I check for software that cell phone distributers provide for
uploading and editing of cell phone infomation on more powerfull platforms
(PC, ...)?


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