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    How long does Cingular Wireless keep records of its cell phone suscribers text messages? I have heard some companies can keep these up to 5 years. I am talking about what was actually transmitted (the words themself).

    A court order gave me records of my ex-wifes phone calls and when she received/sent text messages, but not what was contained in the text. Now my old attorney did not specifically ask for the text content either.

    I am interested in the text message content from Feb-2005 to June 2005. Do you think Cingular has these records and a Court order would get them for me.


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    That's something you'd have to call and ask about. And you'd need to ask if they do in fact have the actual text messages and with a court order, can they be obtained.

    I know that in recent court cases in (in the news), the last couple of years, lawyers have been about to get text message content, but have no idea which carriers were involved, or what the time fame was that the text messages kept that the lawyers got ahold of. (thinking back it was a matter of a couple of months if that long).

    Ah found it...

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