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    I asked a question before about how to send a cell phone to someone through the mail.

    Does this sound like it would work out....find a box about the size of the cell phone, which is not that big, put the cell phone in tape up the box put stamp on box and write address directly on box or use address label. Would the cell phone get to where its suppose to go if i put it in my mail box like that??

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    if there is enough postage on the box. not sure how much that would be because i don't know how much your package weighs.
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    use this link to ship via US mail. it's pretty straight-forward. and you can choose the option to pay postage via credit card or in person at a post office.

    i don't think a stamp will work, unless you've put on about 25 of them.

    follow thru the link below and it'll give you an estimate of the cost to ship:


    pm me if you need any help!

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