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    Hi, I'm looking for a cell phone with some specific features, and am hoping some people here can give me some good advice.

    My 2 biggest wants are a phone with WiFI capabilities, and a phone that i can store a lot of music on. I'm planning on getting some kind of a smartphone (i.e. treo 700), but theres just a lot out there. I am a Cingular user, so it must be compatible with that, and the price isn't a big deal, under $500 would be ideal, but if i kow what I want i am going to look around on ebay and try to find a good deal on it.

    some phones I have glanced over are sony P990i, sony m600, QTEK 8310, Imate SP5, Imate SP5m, hp ipaq phone, Palm treo 700

    I'm open to anything right now, not just those few that I've found so far.

    Please feel free to post opinions and such.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Since nobody else has replied yet, I looked up your requested features on's Phone Finder tool. I added Windows Mobile as a requirement to the search, and Cingular, so if you play around with their settings you can browse a lot of devices and compare up to 5 phones' features side-by-side. I really love this site and I use it all the time to help answer peoples' questions.

    Check this out:

    HTC Wizard looks awesome!

    here is the phone finder tool:

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    Could someone help me pleaseeee...ox with finding the right phone for me :)

    I really need help finding a phone that i could actually use for a long time instead of getting a phone every year ... i want a phone that i could use till it eventually broke ..because all the other phones i've had have been..well ..boring!...could someone help meeee.....

    I would like to have a good music player phone with a good camera and something i could be proud of ..i thought of getting a Iphone but my friend told me they wern't very reliable... is this true...i would like a touch phone as i like something challenging and fun...Could someone helpppp meeee!!!???

    I used to have a sony ericcson walman W810i but it couldn't hold hardly anything so i thought of upgrading it

    if someone could help me that would be great

    Small-person!!! ox

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