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    Hi All.

    I'm new here and don't really know much about cell phones so thought I'd ask the experts.

    I want to change my phone from a Samsung A650 to a Motorola V710 so that I use the Bluetooth DUN with my laptop.

    My question is: Can I just buy a V710 from eBay and expect it to work?

    Thanks in advance


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    Since you use a CDMA network, there is no SIM to swap in the phones, so you will have to get a v710 that's branded for your carrier, and call them with the ESN to activate it. (electronic serial number, usually under the battery or in the phone's menu somewhere). Make sure if the phone is used that it's cleared for activation, that means the previous owner doesn't owe money! If the phone is used, check the ESN before you buy the phone, get it from the seller, call your provider and ask them if the phone can be activated. Hope this answers all your questions!

    Oh, and welcome to the site!

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