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    I have accidentally deleted a picture on my Sharp GX25 mobile. Does anyone know a way to recover it?
    Any help much appreciated

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    Re: Retrieving deleted pictures

    Sorry to hear about your loss - though there might be a solution to this problem. Have you considered using recovery tools?

    There are programs online which can go through your system to find & restore any files that you may have deleted.

    The program I used is called SmartPhone Recovery Pro

    It recovers from your smartphone's SD card, so not only pictures, but also contacts & videos.

    I'm not entirely sure whether its compatible with your iOS and all that, so get a trial version first!!

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    Re: Retrieving deleted pictures

    Oh, I know that feeling! I get sick to my stomach when stuff like that happens. Do you have a SIM card? I don't know if it would work for your phone, but I have taken my SIM card into Verizon before and had them find files that were accidentally deleted.

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