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    I'm very purturbed by this question, fellas. There are a ton of restrictions on what phones I can get.

    Basically, I want a phone with all the features of Nokia's N-Gage (aside from the MMC games, of course) with the added feature of a camera. Another example would be a PDA (IE: Palm Pilot).

    Service Provider:
    (( It's gotta be obtainable from T-Mobile. I wanted GPx220, but only Cingular sells that phone. ))

    Talk time: 3 hours+
    Expandable Memory (MMC Cards)
    Bluetooth technology
    Music Player
    (Optional) Downloadable games (and/or Java games)
    Wi-Fi ready (That's when you use your phone for wireless internet access, right?)

    Aaaaand... I think that's it...
    Anyone have any suggestions as to what phone would suit my needs?

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    Magius Avvail
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    Thanks dude, you are a life saver. OMG, the MDA is totally what I'm going to choose. It even looks more kickass than the N-Gage.

    N-Gage...how I will miss thee... *blows up his N-Gage QD, but then cries because he hadn't gotten the MDA yet*

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