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    Hi guys,

    I'm having a problem getting through to someone. We are both verizon users in Central/South Jersey, both get about a 2-bar signal in our homes, but cannot call eachother. It started in Nov sporadically, and now the calls are not going through at all, even if I call 10x in a row!

    When I call him, instead of the phone going into a normal "ringgggggg" sound, it kind of sounds like a cd skipping. Like : "ri-ringggggggggg", or it rings one steady ring, and then I hear loud static.

    When he calls me, it rings and goes to my voicemail but I never get the messages. My phone never rings. Same thing when I call him. But the ring is that weird "ri-ringgggg" sound, instead of just "ringgggg".

    I get the strange rings and static when I call from any other random land line as well. I know the problem is most likely his phone.

    Does anyone know what can be causing this? And have any idea what can be done to fix this? Anyone work for verizon out there, or anyone who does tech support have any idea? I mean cell phones are supposed to connect! We can both make/receive calls to other people. Its so frustrating having the calls not go through.

    I was going to call tech support at verizon today, but before I do, I found this forum and hoped that someone would know something.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may offer!


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    That is weird. If you are both able to make calls without any problems to everyone else? If it is just during peak times when the circuits are bust try calling during an off peak time. Do you get the same static if you call your own phone from a landline? If so it is probably the network. If it is isolated to just his phone then he needs to call verizon.

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