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    Something weird happened yesterday. Got a call on my cell phone, Caller ID said it was from my husband. I answered and there was a woman on the phone asking for Angel. I thought I must have misread the Caller ID, told her she had the wrong number. She said "NO, I don't!" I told her she DID have the wrong number, and hung up. Phone rang again right away, said it was my husband, and this time it was him. He said he had just tried to call and the call would not go through.

    About four hours later, same thing. Phone rang and caller ID said it was my husband. I answered and again, it was a woman. I think it was the same woman as before, because she started to say ask for someone and then sounded confused and said "I have this number programmed in my cell phone. Is this _______?" Then she said something about military corrections - either she thought it was the number for military corrections or she was calling from military corrections, I wasn't sure. Anyway, I told her no, the number she was trying to call wasn't even CLOSE to my number. Hung up. Again, phone rang again right away and it was my husband, again saying he had just tried to call and the call wouldn't go through.

    I searched the internet last night and found some information on spoofing, but I don't see how that could be the case here. If he hadn't been trying to call me at the exact same time that it happened - both times - then I might think it was spoofing. With spoofing wouldn't it be someone calling not necessarily when my husband was trying to call me? If the woman didn't sound as confused as I was about how she was getting connected to my cell phone, I'd accuse him of some woman using his cell phone and calling me either accidentally or on purpose - but the content of the calls doesn't make sense in that context.

    So...has anyone ever heard of this happening? I'm completely confused by this.

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    Howdy Luzianne,

    Doesn't sound like spoofing to me, sounds more than a network glitch, between your cell carrier and others during that day. I have had that happen between Cingular and other carriers when calling people that I have in my phone's contact list, and roomie and many friends have had the same thing happen when calling from their land lines or cell phones, when calling me or other that they have programmed into their phones.

    It's something that happens from time to time even when calling land line to land line with programmed numbers or even manually dialed numbers.

    Something just gets crossed during the calls routing and the glitch normally get corrected and never happens again (with the same calling parties), days or weeks later.

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    I've had that happening some recently with one of our PTT phones. Part of the problem seems to have been a faulty or incomplete porting process, but even after that, there are some odd glitches now and then. We've had cell phone #1 placing calls to cell phone #2, and when #2 returns the call, #1 is clueless to why he is getting a return phone call. I don't think #1 has any children playing with the phone, especially later at night, but the provider checked the records and their records show that #1 did call #2, and #1 denies it adimantly, and I believe him. I don't think the phone has been spoofed at all, but ever since the number was ported, we've had it happen on occassion. Like the OP, the errant calls are always from the same number and the same person, with the caller ID saying it is the wrong person.

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