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    Does anyone know where I would start on trying to link a 800 number/toll free number with text messaging for advertising purposes. I have an idea to advertise my company. I would like customers to text message their phone number to my 1800 number and this info would be stored so that I could look at the leads generated and call the customers back.

    Basically, i'm confused on where to go to get this service. I know its out there... I'm just not sure where to look...

    thanks for any advice.

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    A couple of ideas that might work. You could get an alias for your phone. Tmobile is one that offers this. I don't know about other companies. Basically, most cell phones have an email or text message address for SMS based on your phone number. The address is usually something like yourcell#@yourcellcompany.com
    Change the address to [email protected]
    Try making that alias the 800 number. [email protected]
    The sms will come to your cell phone.

    The other idea is to get a regular email eddress with the toll free number as the user name. [email protected]
    Have people SMS to that email account. And set up the email account to forward all messages to your cell email address.

    If your cell phone already has the 800 number as its number, the SMS address on the phone may already be set up.

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    Re: trying to figure out 800 number linked to text message

    necesito mandar mensajes desde el 800

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