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    Instead of paying the outrageous new prices of the new Treo, I'm thinking of buying a Treo off eBay for under half of what they cost new.

    Which is the better way to go if they're not new, Refurbished or used?

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    refurbished always

    this is an item that was returned for what ever reason (maybe repair) and fixed by someone at the factory so it wasn't just taken off the assembly line and packed up then if there were any cosmetic problems the housing would be changed and if there was an OS it would be updated to the day it was refurb. what you don't get is a pretty box usualy. so if you ask me always go for the refurb, i'll buy them over new alot of times for the reasons above someone had it then it was fixed at factory for that problem so i know it was probably corrected the right way. and you usually are getting it for 75% of the new price.
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    I agree 100%! Refurbished is always the way to go, and for the reason's that deadeyes mentioned.

    Half the time, you do get the box and also the manual that came with it. If you don't get the manual, you can usually go to the manufacturer's website and download a PDF version to print out or keep on your computer.
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