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    First of all, I hope I got this in the right forum ...

    This is going to be lenghty, but I can see no other way

    To start with, I bought a Motorola C343 for the Grangeville, ID area to be used in a coverage there and beyond Lewiston, ID

    I activated it and had service in Gville but about 18 miles from town, started roaming and went to (A) analog. I could still call but cost 2 units a minute

    I later went to lewiston and had A all the way with roaming. I called TF and they agreed it should not roam in that coverage and changed it. A week later, back to Lew and the same thing.

    Now my wife wants one for Gville, so I buy a Nokia 2126 for this same coverage thinking maybe it was just the Motorola but it wasn't .... samo

    Wednesday I was in Lewiston and went to radio shack and they told me there that both should be programed using the Lew zip because they worked on Verison or (Inland Cellular) which was in Grangeville also and that using Grangeville zip would cause it to use CellularOne and would roam in Lew.
    Both 83501 Lewiston and 83530 Grangeville shows the same coverage map

    Radio Shack did this for me and they neither worked when they finished so they called back and was told it may take 24hrs. Now 2 days later I can't use either fone ... they both come up with Welcome to Inland Cellular, the ESN number your using is invalid in this area (thats on both the MOT and NOK)

    Any help on this ... I've been fighting this roaming problem since Nov 18 2005

    I'm an old gezzer and don't hear all that well and certianly have problem talking to the service people ... Is there any thing I should tell them that could help other than I'm flushing them down the toilet and taking the 400 dollar loss (2 double your 400 minutes yearly cards + phones)

    See More: Tracfone(s) Problems

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    Re: Tracfone(s) Problems

    Don't do any flushing.
    I doublechecked the two coverages, and your right. Both phone should be covered with both plans at the single rate. BTW, don't worry if it goes over to AMPS. Its the coverage you want, not the technology. You should still be charged the single rate for AMPS as well. I would call up TF again and tell them you have NO service with either phone, and the ESN isn't recognized. Or take them back to radio shack and have them do it. BTW, test the phones before you leave radioshack or Tracfone techs to make sure they are working. Right now you need someone to get the phones at least programmed to work again, or the system to recognize them again. I would think that because they screwed up your phones they owe it to you to fix them or give you new phones. I would still ask nicely, though. Start with phone calls to TF and visits to RS. Don't leave until you are happy.

    If all else fails you can buy new tracphone for less then $20 at walmart, ebay, or wherever. Hopefully that one would work like you need it. The nice part about Tracphone is they let you transfer balances between any account you have. You could even self refer this new phone and get some extra minutes.

    One other trick. I have heard of some tracfones usingthe Verizon network to be able to update their PRL- Preferred Roaming List, and switch between old and new PRL's. To do this you type in *228 and select options 1 or 2. These toggle between Verizon's America's Choice 1 or 2 coverages.
    Here is my big caveat. First the phones will need to have their ESN recognized and be able to make calls. Second, I have never used Tracfone or Verizon, or used cell service in N Idaho and have no idea if this will work or what it would do to your phone.
    I have done a *228 PRL update on a phone of mine with a different CDMA carrier. It updated my PRL, but I saw no change because I already had the most current. YMMV.

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    Re: Tracfone(s) Problems


    Thanks for the come back .. I did call TF again and they did something to make both work. I'm almost sure they will work in lewiston as they did in grangeville today
    I believe they are fixed this time and the secret is to use the lewiston zip code instead of grangevilles .. TF should be aware of the provider they use when activating.
    I ask if they were going to use Inland Cellular and they said it would be Verison which seems to be the same thing here but CellularOne or AllTel will not give this coverage which is what they always seemed to use unless told ... I hope this helps the next guy that fights this for 4 months

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