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    We recently signed up for the family plan with verizon wireless, we took the free phone (Kyocera KX1v) with the plan.

    Prior to this, we used a tracphone service (Motorolav60i) which we have since passed on to my son.

    The other night me and my son were riding around town and noticed that in some place he would have two-four bars were i would have none-two bars in these same areas.

    Should the reception differences between these two phones be that much?


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    Re: Different reception in same area

    As you just found out, different phone models and even phones of the same make and model, can vary in their RF reception.

    Why? Because all cell phone hardware is not created equally, nor do all phones have the same attennas inside or outside. The true test would of course, be in making calls in areas that show low on both phones to see how well they do with call quality with a fully charged battery and a low battery. And how each of those phone handles traveling between cell sites while on calls.

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    Re: Different reception in same area

    lol. we can have BT, video, cameras, and games on a cell phone, but they can't get the reception thing worked out 100%.

    my wife and i have identical phones, same carrier (obviously) and we've encountered times when one has near full reception, and the other has no signal. i questioned my phone's integrity, but then we found a spot that reversed the outcome. weird.

    i think i once heard somewhere that even though it appears like you have full bars, your signal strenth might not actually be that strong. due to wave reflection/refraction or something.

    morale of the story, it just happens.

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    Re: Different reception in same area

    Some phones do have better reception then others. But there is a lot more to it then that. Even the same phones on the same network can get different reception. They may be locked onto different towers. Sometimes a phone will be handed off to a tower farther away because the closer tower is at capacity. Also, one may have a stronger battery charge. I notice a drop in the number of bars when going from standyby to actually making a call. This may be due to a higher draw on the battery. Or if I show a weak signal, sometimes as soon as I go to make a call the call is dropped, even with a full charge. I would also like to add that the signal meter is only a relative indicator of signal strength. Two bars one one phone could be the same level of recption as 4 bars on a different phone. A true test of reception is, do you get static, poor voice quality, or dropped calls where you need coverage. If everything works fine then reception is good, even if you show "less bars" then another phone. If you need to quantify signal strength then place the phone in "field test mode" and see how many dB's you pull. But even then, trial and error is the best indicator of the usability of a phone and network.
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