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wow...they should pass some legislature on this kind of stuff
Not really Shayne,

It's really up to the consumers to ACTUALLY read what their getting for "free", companies know that people are pretty much for the most part sheep, and no one likes to read anything that says "Terms and Conditions", which in 90% of the cases has to be read and checked before you can go to where you can get the "Free Stuff". Granted it would be more fair to put in BOLD RED TYPE, that there ain't no free lunch, but people would still go for it and try to get that Ringtone or whatever, and still be shocked that 6 months after they forget to check their phone bills that their being charged $x number of dollars a month for something they have forgotten about.

This is one of the reasons that any bill you get says on it somewhere to check it to make sure it's right, and if you find a mistake report it within a certain amount of time, otherwise tough luck on getting credit to that acount past 90 days, or less.

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