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    I'm new to the whole sim card thing and wanted to know, what exactly is locked when you purchase a phone from a provider?

    Is it the phone that is locked so that you can only use a specific provider's sim cards?

    Is it the sim card that's locked so that you can't use it on phones from any other company?

    Also, do any providers sell unlocked stuff? If not, what kind of stores would sell them? (are Best Buy/Radio Shack type stores' phones unlocked?)

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: Newbie question about "locked" phones

    I believe it is that the phone is locked to a specific service provider. If you want to unlock it, just contact your service provider and they should be able to give you the codes, or you can just go here on the forums. I've seen a couple of threads about it.

    Hope it helps

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