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    Hi guys,

    check this out

    From the BBC website, May 2003: Cinema owners in Dublin have come under fire for stopping customers from receiving calls on their mobiles in the middle of a movie.

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film | Cinema banned from blocking mobiles

    From the BBC website, Oct 2004: The infuriating ring of someone else's mobile blights many a night out at the cinema or theatre. France has decided to jam phone signals to allow audiences to enjoy shows in silence - could the UK follow suit?
    BBC NEWS | Magazine | Right to silence?

    Is the enjoyment of your film worth paying the price that a doctor on call could miss out on saving someone's life?

    See More: Blocking phone signals

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    Re: Blocking phone signals

    I would say yes, if everyone knows before hand, that going to XYZ Cinema means that you will have your Cell Phone jammed, and will miss important calls if you watch films at XYZ Cinema.

    But they will have to know upfront that going inside their cell phone will not work. Then is said On Call doctor still decides that he wants to watch the latest flick at XYZ Cinema then it's his/her fault is the call to save a life comes in and they can't answer it.

    But I would say that a cell phone Jammed Cinema had better have the best movies, the best seats, the best screens, best food and the quietest patrons of any other cinema in town, if the draw is to be noise and cell phone ringing free.

    Me I just leave my phone in the car anway when I don't want to answer it.

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