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    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, would have to apologise for yet another "which phone" thread, but I really am stuck for choice at the moment.

    What I have now:
    I'm using an old Nokia 8310 which I got from my sister, so there's my knowledge of the phone market, or lack of it.

    Looking for
    Ideally I'm looking for something small, light, durable, stylish, non-plasticy, and not those flip-open ones. The most basic I hunted down seemed to be the Nokia 1112, would have prefered a colour screen equvilent though.

    Others I have passed through included the Nokia 5500 Sport, which looked nice, but is not released until Q3. Another is the Nokia E50, but even though the phone looks really well, it's intended for business users, so obviously going to turn-out being pretty expensive for implementing those business features.

    Also the Samsung SGH-T509 which caught my eye, unfortunately it looks only for T-Mobile, whereas I would not like to be restricted to a provider, prefering either o2 or orange.

    Cost would be an issue, don't wanna have to resort in getting a morgage for owning a phone! 150, which is about $300 max. However willing to push extra if I really like it.

    Bells and whistles:
    As already mentioned, I'm not fussed about all the gadgets and gizmo's included in the phone. Some that would be nice:
    - crystal clear coloured screen
    - small, light
    - mp3 player (optional actually)
    - long battery life
    Anything else included would just be a bonus.

    Thanks for any helpful replies, hopefully users here can shed their expertise on the subject and close in on a phone that would suit, doesn't necessarily have to be one listed above.

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    Re: Helping choose a phone


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    Re: Please Help Me Choose A Phone!

    How about this one?~


    Though I didn't notice a price, and it does run Windows Mobile...some people love it, and some hate it.

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