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    i realllllly want to get a sidekick, but i refuse to change my service provider from cingular. that auction says that the sidekick is unlocked and will work with cingular.. does this mean that the phone will still completely function and work with calling and text messaging, etc? please help me out!

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    Re: am i gettin ripped off?

    The phone would work and probably the text, but the data portion would only work with T-Mobile. By data I mean no AIM, no internet, no downloads!

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    Re: am i getting ripped off?

    What do you want? A sidekick that works like all the other sidekicks for $$29.99 a month (Unlimited Web browsering, text messaging, IM's, data)?


    A Sidekick that is your phone that will cost you more with an unlimited data plan for $44.99, ontop of you cell phone plan, but none of the features that Sidekicks come with (the upand downloading of pictures), sharing between other sidekicks, all of which happens through DANGER INC?

    So until Danger says you can buy a Sidekick and can use all it's features through any cell provider, you're stuck with getting Sidekicj service through T-Mobile.

    Otheriwse as I said before, all you have is a cell phone that will look like a Sidekick. Bigger screen and a keypad, but not the plan behind it that makes a Sidekick a Sidekick.

    But to answer your main question.. Are you getting ripped off?

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