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    i need a windows smartphone, ill spend around $250. Im going to use it at the hospital, so i can organize my stuff. im currently on a cingular contract and tmobile prepaid. i have a dell x30, and i dont want to lug it around with my cellphone. the pda fell into toilet, but since picked it quickly, i was able to revive it after 2 days of letting it dry. im also going to use it for medical dictionaries and drug guides. I want a smartphone that would really have excellent battery life. Thanx

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    Re: looking for a windows smartphone

    For T-Mobile I recommend the T-Mobile SDA, check it out here: HTC Tornado / SDA (USA) / SP5m Specs & Features (Phone Scoop)

    For Cingular I recommend the Cingular 2125, check it out here: HTC Faraday / 2125 / 2100 Specs & Features (Phone Scoop)

    ...You can find them on ebay for around $200-$250.

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    Re: looking for a windows smartphone

    The only real difference between the two is that the SDA has Wifi, and the 2125 does not. Since you work in a hospital the Wifi might be advantageous. Also note, you do not use up any minutes on your T-mo prepaid plan when you use wifi, AFAIK.

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