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    Hi guys,

    So, my nice landlord allowed T-Mobile to install a cellular antenna on the roof of the bulding. Now I hear that T-Mobile pays about $30K a year to landlord so he can rent his roof to them, so surely for that money he doesn't care about my health. I was trying to find some information on health hazard of cellular antennas but can't find anything solid. Does anyone know if there were any studies done on this? I mean there are about 20 or so wires each about about 2" in diameter coming from antenna so it can't be good...


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    Re: cellular antennas on the buildings

    While it is a fact that long-term exposure to high levels of EMF radiation can increase the risk of certain types of cancer, that's one of those things the FCC regulates, and if you are concerned about the risks to your health caused by living near high voltage equipment, assuming you are in the US, they are the ones you want to contact. Cell phones actually operate on radio frequencies, and studies to determine if cellular radio frequencies cause cancer have apparently been inconclusive, if you believe the governments of the world.

    EMF radiation is not specifically caused by cellular towers, anything that uses electricity produces EMF radiation. That means, you're supposed to sit 3 feet away from your monitor or TV (does anyone actually sit that far away from their monitor???) and never stand near an operating microwave. Living around modern technology in my opinion increases your risk of cancer in general, but I'm less worried about radiation exposure than say for example, worldwide catastrophes like megatsunamis caused by giant meteors hitting the earth.

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