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    I want to buy an mp3 cell phone but i dont know which one to buy. I dont understand on this 100 itune limit or something with the rokr and upgrading memory. What would carier plan have to do with the memory capibility???

    I just saw the specs for the rokr and it says it comes with a 512mb removable memory card. So would i be able to change the 100 itune songs to more if i put in like a 2gb card, because based on wut ive heard in reviews i cant or is that just the standard??? i would think so like it would for the psp.

    Ok ill put it this way i want it to have:

    1. A camera
    2. Mp3 player(itunes or w/e)
    3. Upgadeable memory(like the memory cards used in digital cameras and psp)

    Basically i want to put atleast 500 songs on it

    Could you guys tell me about these phones or something better???

    Motorola RAZR V3
    Motorola RAZR V3c
    Motorola SLVR
    Motorola i870
    Motorola ROKR

    thx, plz help me


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    Re: Help me choose an mp3 player phone

    I think anyone of the PDA Phones would work fine.

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