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    Okay, Im new to having a cell. I'll admit to newbieizm. I've got a razr v3c and alltel. I notice my phone lists my call times- recieved, made, roam- all down to the second. I'm wondering if they round up to the minute like land lines, or do they tally the seconds? Oh, and if you're so kind, reply to my post about roaming with alltel under the alltel forums - 'Roaming, or not?' thanks!

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    Re: minutes - do they round up?

    Yes, in the USA minutes are rounded up to the nearest whole minute. I was intrigued to find that some European nations round up to the nearest 30 seconds, but here in the states we could only be so lucky. I don't know a whole lot about Alltel, but I'll peek at your other thread.

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    Re: minutes - do they round up?

    yep, i hate how they round up, but i guess it helps keep track better than adding up a bunch of seconds.

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