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    I currently have an ngage QD, and I recently bought a Samsung ZX10

    When I try to activate my Samsung ZX10 it says "unregistered sim"

    I am wondering if I can just use my old sim card from my ngage qd, and put it in the ZX10?

    Would this slow down my ZX10 at all? Because my ZX10 has the UTMS speed and my QD has the GPRS

    Would there be any other problems with doing this?

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    Re: Old phone sim, into new phone?

    As long as both phones are branded for the same carrier (or unlocked), you'll have no problem swapping SIMs. It's a good idea to make sure your contacts are stored on the SIM, which is usually the default but sometimes they are stored on the phone's internal memory. The SIM card is not going to slow the phone down, all the SIM does is keep your phone number and contacts.

    Now, I'm going to move your question to the General Cell Phone forum, where it belongs. New Member Help is for site-related questions, oh and it's also for me to say...

    Welcome to the forums!!! Enjoy your stay!

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