I've been looking to get a new phone for a little while now and I've narrowed it down to these two phones I think. Both the VX8300 and the A920 have what I'm looking for in the ways of mp3's(when unlocked with the VX8300 anyways) and custom ringtones also when using rumkin. Btw, rumkin would work for both phones right so I can have custom ringtones and any game right?

And both phones have the video option, Vcast and SprintTV I do believe. Both have stero speakers for when I play music and both have media player buttons on the outside as well. Text messenging on both phones as well.

But without using both phones to full extent, I just dunno which one I should get. I hear both camera's are similar too in which you have to have it real steady to get a clear picture. So what I'm looking for I guess is some help trying to decide on which phone I should get. Likes, dislikes, etc. I've read a lot of the reviews of the phones, but just want to get other people's opinions who actully own and use the phone. So the VX8300 with Verizon or A920 with Sprint? Any help would be appreciated.

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