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    I searched the messages but couldn't find something on this...please delete if it has been posted before...

    I have a motorola v180 through cingular and it no longer works. I had it in a bag with some liquid soap and the container opened up and well... My mom has the same phone so I put my sim card in it and the sim card is fine...I just need to get a phone now...I had a prepaid motorola 120t through cingular. Is it possible to use this one now? My contact is up in 6 months and I don't plan on renewing with cingular. The 120t does not have a sim card slot so it is not as easy as just putting the new sim card in...

    anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks to everyone for reading and for any help...

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    Re: Help with phone-new died; trying to use old

    Hmmmm, I'm not familiar with GSM handsets, but I think I know what the issue is.

    Take the batter off the phone and see if it says on the label anywhere anything about "ESN".

    Now, are you SURE it's a Cingular handset ?

    If so, then it's most likely before the time when SIM cards were rolled out, and the networks went GSM. There used to be a network type called TDMA, which was a very "early" version of GSM. This handset won't be usable for you on the digital network, as digital TDMA and GSM aren't compatitible.

    However, if there is analog in your area, then the phone would infact work with analog.

    In other words, get a new handset

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    Re: Help with phone-new died; trying to use old

    Try getting the v180 off of ebay, or if you want a different phone/updated model that Cingular doesn't carry you can get an unlocked gsm phone from ebay as well. You'll be able to place your sim card in and it should work.

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