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    We are going to England in a few weeks and would like to be able to have a cell phone to use over there. At present Our family has a JG C2000 on Cingular, A Motorola i250 on Nextel and a Nokia Tracfone (not sure of model)that was given to my mom for just emergency use (never been used) has 250 min and 1yr installed.

    I've researched the forms and it looks like one probably has to be unblocked and a sim purchased in the UK in order for it to work there.

    What would the best way to go? Not really going to use it much, just to confirm lodging and in case of emergency.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: What to do ?

    The Cingular phone should be able to be used in England, but you're right. It needs to be unlocked and a foreign sim card would need to be purchased when you get there. I don't have codes for unlocking, but I'm sure that someone here could help you out. If not, try Google or Cingular.

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