I am a bit confused with some terms I have been seeing on some online Cell Phone Stores. I want to buy a Sony Ericsson W810i Cell Phone and I was doing some price comparison shopping. One some websites I noticed that the product was stated as "Sony Ericsson W810 Generic Phone" I have no idea what they mean by GENERIC. Is this the same as an Unlocked or SIM free cell phone? Or does this mean that the phone was made by another company. I also checked the Part number they stated on the site with that on the SonyEricsson website and they were quite similar except for the last two digits. I can't seem to find any information on this and I would really like to know before I make the purchase. Is there a difference between Unlocked and Generic?

One website that has this is:

All the features seem to be the same, however it still says GENERIC which means not the original.

Please help.

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