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    I came across this device Ogo but seems like they are not sold anymore or something like that, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a mobile device service that only has text messaging and a text messaging device. it is kinda like the t-mobil sidekick check out the site and see if you know what I am talking about. I need to get a device that is only for text messaging. Any help would be great, thank you in advance! This service is like a sidekick's but only for texting/email/im

    I would like a service with minimum minutes but unlimited text messaging and email as well as im if possible. I am located in california if that helps at all.

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    Re: texting device/unlimited texting service???

    The sidekick 2 plan gives you free text. When used in a non sidekick phone GPRS,MMS DOES NOT WORK BUT YOU DO NOT GET CHARGED THE $1. You can simply get plan and use in non sidekick plan and not pay the $1 a day(tested with 2 sims, 1 last yea, 1 this week). T-mo rep also confirmed if a SIDEKICK does not register to network you wont be charged(so if you have a sidekick and take the sim out you wont pay) To get this plan call 611, with a bal less than $10 and have a sidekick imei(google is your friend)

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    Re: texting device/unlimited texting service???

    Take a very low end voice plan and throw on unlimited text ? Shouldn't cost more than $30 a month.

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