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    ok i'm trying to get a phone from korea to use in the US....i'm in korea right now an i planning to buy a phone soon....is it possible for me to do this...???
    i need a real expert on this to explain simply... and also i read that like cdma can't be used in america but then someone said it can by unlocking..what is the difference btw GSM and CDMA... and what does each do...?? like i know i can buy GSM phone unlocked but how do i get cdma unlocked .. can yall provide a step i can follow to use a korean phone back in america..for each gsm or cdma... like buy certain phone or any phone... and like call this and check and stuff like that...i need major help you guys...please help me..also i use cingular back home if that helps....so please provide me with steps to follow as simple as possible....thanks

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